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Rediscovered and reclaimed from the urban dust, which has covered and crowded the Gold Coast over the last few decades, Sparrow returns as a classic neighborhood bar. Inspired by the great hotel lobby bars of Chicago,  Sparrow is iconic in its look and service.  Offering, 1930s-era rum-focused cocktails along with a rotating shortlist of classics, a small European-focused wine list, and 10 rotating draft handles, Sparrow is a true gem of the Gold Coast.  

The classic art deco apartment building and its lobby bar are a true reflection of the sophistication and maturity of the surrounding Gold Coast neighborhood. This lobby bar has been restored after 75 years. 

Originally established in 1927, it was designed to be an escape for residents, looking for a nightcap or late-night rendezvous. The barkeeps here have long been privy to more intimate dialog than even the building’s doorman, essentially becoming the building’s concierge.  All requests, all stories accepted, not judged but rather kept within the surrounding walls.  We welcome all and don’t feel the need to flaunt.